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Use of the nsZones DNSBLs is free of charge for everybody. You can use nsZones public mirrors free by setting your mail server's DNSBL feature to query bl.nszones.com

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Professional DNSBL

Synchonize option is available for internet ISPs, organizations, networks, hosting providers, email providers.

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We greatly value each suggestion, questions and reports made by internet providers, system administrators, customers and web surfers.

- Register your mail servers and your Dynamic/ADSL networks.
- Report us the spam you receive.

Every request and report is valuable to us, and necessary to update and improve our services.

Please take the time to email us: service@nsZones.com.

To Check & Delist your IP from our Black Lists please use:

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Please donate to the Project.

nsZones spends a lot of time and money keeping this project running and offers a first class service free of charge to you.

If you are satisfied with our service, and you want the blacklists stay free for all users, we would be glad to receive a small or a big donation from you.

All money donated to the project will be invested in new mirrors and increasing bandwidth so you will also benefit from better performance.

You can donate any amount you want with Paypal.

Smallest amounts can help to keep our blacklists free for all!