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Use of the nsZones DNSBLs is free of charge for everybody. You can use nsZones public mirrors free by setting your mail server's DNSBL feature to query bl.nszones.com

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Synchonize option is available for internet ISPs, organizations, networks, hosting providers, email providers.

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The wl.nszones.com White List
WL is an abbreviation for "DNS whitelist". It is a list of IP addresses that some people may want to treat more favourably. nsZones provides a Whitelist of known legitimate email servers to reduce the chances of false positives while spam filtering.

The purpose of a White list is to specify elements whose inclusion in an e-mail guarantee it will pass the filter and be delivered.

In this list, mail servers of Internet service providers (ISP) and known email providers (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo) and others are included. Also payment and software solutions, hosting and domain providers, other trusted services are in this list.

Every IP that is not known to be a source of abuse itself can be registered at wl.nszones.com. Registration is with one time fee of 30 Euro.

Purpose of wl.nszones.com is to improve deliverability of legit emails send by registered IP's. Therfore registered IP's are excluded from blocklists as sbl.nszones.com, dyn.nszones.com and bl.nszones.com.

To prevent that abusers will deliberatley register their IP's with wl.nszones.com we will drop every registered IP from the whitelist immediatley as soon as any kind of abuse is originating from it.

You can check if your IP address is listed, using our White List Lookup.

White List Usage

If you use any of the Black Lists


you do not need to check also the White List


The White list is included in the Black List DNS system.

In general, DNSWL queries are structured by the inverse IP address as a subdomain of the DNSWL zone. For example, to check that the general DNSWL test address of is listed in WL, query with any NS lookup tool such as...

You will receive an address